Whatever we do, whether it’s an email, a phone call or a branch transaction, we’ll always ask, “Will our customer be better off for this?”

Techcombank results in 2019

Techcombank results in 2019

Whatever we do, whether it’s an email, a phone call or a branch transaction, we’ll always ask, “Will our customer be better off for this?”

How Techcombank performed in 2019

Techcombank’s stunning growth trajectory led to us being the only bank to place in the Vietnam Report’s Top 3 Vietnam Profit500. We were also awarded Vietnam House of the Year by Asia Risk. Techcombank continues to be the #1 bank for operational efficiency.

Consolidated total assets as of 31/12/2019

VND 383,699 bn

19.5% YoY

Serves the financial needs of over

7 Million



Transaction offices across provinces and cities

  • #1 Most profit before tax for a joint stock bank
  • Sustainable income growth from net interest income and net non-interest income
  • A growing credit portfolio focusing on retail and SMEs
  • Deposits Growing – CASA ratio at 34.5%
  • Fee income stabilised at 15% of total operating income
  • Cost to income ratio strong at 34.7%
  • Balance sheet management

TOI structure 2018: VND 18,350 bn

TOI structure 2019: VND 21,068 bn

Customer loan composition (VND bn, %)

Customer deposit composition (VND bn, %)

Personal financial services (PFS)

In 2019, retail lending exceeded VND 105.2 trillion, representing 45% YoY growth. Our focus was on mortgage loans for off-the-plan properties with a balance over VND 72 trillion and residential houses with balances of nearly VND 13 trillion.

PFS Loan 2019

VND 105,247 bn

PFS Deposit 2019

VND 167,212 bn

Number of active customers


2019 VISA Inc. awards

  • Leadership in Payment Volume
  • Leadership in Debit Payment Volume
  • Leadership in Credit Payment Volume
  • Leadership in Credit Activation
  • Leadership in Cross Border Payment Volume Growth
  • Leadership in Visa Token Service – Samsung Pay Payment Volume
  • Leadership in Payment Volume Growth

2019 VISA Inc. awards

Business banking

In the Business Banking Division (BB), our aim is to be the one-stop solutions provider for our corporate customers and their value chains.

In 2019, we continued our journey to be truly customer-centric by providing new and improved solutions to address the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

BB Loan 2019

VND 44,921 bn

BB Deposit 2019

VND 28,740 bn

Number of active customers


Wholesale banking

Our Wholesale Banking Division (WB) is striving hard toward the strategic of becoming our customers’ trusted advisor and primary bank. WB has focused this year on implementing our ‘one bank’ approach as part of Techcombank’s 5-year strategy. ‘One bank’ aims to provide value chain solutions to rainmakers and large corporate customers across selected economic sectors and ecosystems.

WB Loan 2019

VND 80,634 bn

WB Deposit 2019

VND 35,345 bn

Number of active customers


Results of strategies and transformation projects

Our 2016–2020 Customer-Centric Strategy is delivering ever greater value to customers, employees and the community. Our successful operations make customers happy every day, as we go from being a good bank to the best bank.

In 2020 and beyond, Techcombank will continue to deepen our customer insights, develop outstanding IT infrastructure, digitalise our centralised operation system, nurture skilled employees, develop excellent risk management systems. All this and more, will help us realise our ambition to be Vietnam’s #1 most trusted bank.

Risk management

In 2019, Techcombank continued its transformation journey to be Vietnam’s best bank. Our comprehensive risk management model follows our customer centric strategy of putting the people who bank with us at the centre of everything we do.

Human Resources

11,156 people

Techcombank’s headcount in 2019

4.5 years

Our average employee’s tenure


Courses and examinations completed

Techcombank believes employees are fulfilled when they are recognised and rewarded fairly and transparently, and given training and opportunities to develop. The ultimate goal is to make Techcombank Vietnam’s #1 bank.

Techcombank’s competitive compensation policy is based on our people excellence strategy and aligns with our talent management strategy. We aim to maximise both resource efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Corporate culture

Our powerful and unique corporate culture is crucial to our success. It forms the rails upon which the Techcombank train runs smoothly. Shaped by our mission and vision, it forms part of every Techcomer’s DNA, with staff at all levels sharing core values and meeting behavioural norms.

Core values of Techcombank in the new era